The conflict between Zoë Rivas and Esme Song developed during the second season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Conflict History

Season 2

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Zoë and Esme kissing.

In #BuyMePizza, Esme rolls her eyes while watching Zoë audition. Esme is up next to audition and Zoë tells her the part belongs to her, she in turn tells Zoë that she didn't look like she wanted to kiss Winston. Zoë tells her that Winston has had a crush on her and Esme doesn't believe her. Esme then catches Zoë looking at her chest and tells her to look at her in the eye. 

Later, Zoë interupts Esme while she is studying to ask how she auditioned and got the part. Esme agrees to teach her and they kiss two times. She is impressed with Zoë's kissing and tells her she would have gotten the part if she kissed Winston like that and Zoë leaves the room. Winston later gives Zoë the part over Esme and both she and Zoë seem saddened by it. 

In #ToMyFutureSelf, in class, Zoë and Winston present their project about Japan heritage, Esme accuses Zoë of being racist because of it and they fight. The teacher tells them to change their project idea. Later, Zoë and Winston apologize for their project idea while Esme watches unimpressed. After everyone else leaves, Esme tells Zoë what she thought about her apology but Winston intervenes and stands up for Zoë and Esme says sorry before leaving. 


  • They have both kissed Miles Hollingsworth III but only Zoë was in a relationship with him.
  • They both kissed and had sex with Zig Novak but only Esme was in a relationship with him.
  • Esme has conflicts with Zoë's best friend, Tristan, former friend Shay and ex-boyfriend, Winston.
  • They both have conflicts with Maya Matlin, but Zoë and her ended up on good terms.
  • Both were in the hospital waiting to see if Maya was alive after her suicide attempt.
  • They both were addicted to drugs.
  • Both have been slutshamed by Tristan.
  • Both have attempted/threatened suicide but were stopped by Zig both times.