The love triangle between Zoë Rivas, Grace Cardinal, and Miles Hollingsworth III, known as Micevas (Miles/Grace/Rivas), began during Season 14 of Degrassi. Zoë was the center of the triangle.


Season 14

In Don't Look Back, Miles tells Zoë he thinks Grace has a crush on her. Zoë tells Grace that Miles think she likes her, and Grace says no. Grace and Zoë were suppose to be hanging out, but Zoë ditched her for Miles, implying Grace was jealous. Later on Miles' boat, he tells Zoë that he knows what she's up to, and she looks panicked. Miles then tells her that he's not using her to figure out whether he likes guys, and Zoë hesitantly agrees, looking guilty. They then watch the stars, and Zoë calls Grace out, leaving Grace upset and they start to argue. Later on, Zoë and Miles were hanging out, and Zoë goes to go find Grace. Zoë apologized, admitted her feelings for her, and kissed her. Zoë said not to speak about it and just wait till school started to tell her.


  • It was implied that Grace was jealous of Zoë and Miles being together.
  • Miles and Grace have been both kissed by Zoë in the same episode.
  • Miles doesn't know Zoë and Grace kissed.
  • They all are good friends with Maya.
  • Grace and Miles have nicknames for each other based on their lifestyle; Queen of Darkness for Grace by Miles and Money Bags and Richie Richers for Miles by Grace.
  • Zoë has had romantic feelings for both Miles and Grace.
  • It is possible Zoë used Miles to make Grace jealous.
    • It's also possible that Zoë was using Miles to see if she had feelings for girls as well.
  • This is the third love-triangle that both Miles and Zoë have been in together.


Reason: Zoë chose her crush on Grace over her fling with Miles.