The friendship between Zoë Rivas and Keisha formed in the 13th Season of Degrassi.

Friendship History

Season 13

In Dig Me Out and Power to the People, Zoë and Keisha are seen with Frankie.


In Unbelievable, Keisha runs in late and states that she was defending Zoë. Frankie nudges her before Zoë tells them to tell her what's going on. The two freshmen tell Zoë how there's rumors that Zoë slept with boys at the party but she tells them that nothing happened and they continue with rehearsal. The trio later walks through the halls singing when Frankie receives a video which Zoë asks to see. Frankie and Keisha watch as Zoë reveals that she doesn't remember doing the things that took place in the video. At the Sing-Off, Frankie, Keisha, and Zoë begin their performance until Zoë starts having flashbacks to the videos from the party.

In You Are Not Alone, Zoë mentions to Winston that Keisha and Frankie were playing the game MASH.

In Hypnotize, Zoë, Keisha, and Frankie all audition to be models in the fashion show, and Keisha and Zoë encourage Frankie during their audition. However, Frankie is the only one to not make it, which leaves her upset.

In Out of My Head, Zoë is walking in the hallways with Frankie and Keisha and Frankie talks about how Becky changed her mind so quickly Zoë responds"Or was her mistake how rich you are?" Frankie responds "What does that have to do with it?" Keisha says maybe she's hoping to slide in for New York fashion week on a Hollingsworth jet. Frankie responds and says maybe she realized she's a good model. Zoë says or maybe her mom gave Becky a donation that could help her change her mind. Frankie responds that's ridiculous, and that she wouldn't do that. Keisha responds "Well there was that time in grade 2 when you magically put in front of the Balla residual after your mom talked to the instructor."

In Believe (1), Keisha is seen with Zoë and Frankie at the trial supporting Zoë and admits that she was at the party behaving provocatively.