The conflict between Zoë Rivas and Luke Baker developed during the thirteenth season of Degrassi. It is one of many conflicts that Luke was involved with at Degrassi.

Conflict History

Season 13

In Unbelievable, it was revealed that Luke was at Miles' house party along with other members of the Basketball team.  He originally denies knowing anything about Zoë's sexual assault, but later evidence reveals that he and another teammate were in fact the ones who took advantage of a drunken Zoë. 

After Becky finds a video of the assault on his phone, he questions her loyalty and asks who's side she is on. She simply walks away, stating "I haven't decided yet", while crying at the thought that her brother could do such a thing.

Luke then goes to see Zoë and admits that it was him who assaulted her. He  suggests that the two of them put the whole incident behind them, as no one would believe her anyway, and simply move on. He says that she would ruin his entire life if she doesn't drop the accusations. Zoë briefly considers his proposal, but quickly decides against it when she sees Luke flirting with Frankie. She goes over, pushes him, and then announces to everybody that he was the co-star in the video. Luke denies the claims, stating that she has no proof, provoking her to attack him. Becky steps in to break up the fight, and says that she has definite proof that it was him, finally picking a side to stand on. 

Luke, along with Neil, are last seen being lead away by the police and placed in the back of a cop car, while the whole school stares at them in disgust. 


  • Luke is the second enemy Zoë got in a fight with.
  • Luke, along with Neil Martin raped Zoë while she was drunk.
    • Zoë didn't remember who raped her, until Luke asked her to forget what happened.
  • Zoë is the third character to take her abuser to court. The first is Paige Michalchuk to Dean Walton and the second is Fiona Coyne to Bobby Beckonridge.
  • This is the second abuser to be taken to court for sexual assault. The first is Paige and Dean.
    • Luke is the first to be convicted.
  • They were both members of the Degrassi Student Council.

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